Benefits and Side Effects of Juvederm

In few years to come, Juvederm is likely to become a big thing in dermal fillers. For those who have been doing fillers for some time, they exclaim that Juvederm is great and has several benefits while the risks are few. To an amateur, Juvederm is a family of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers which provides correction of moderate or severe facial wrinkle or folds.

Juvederm products are a consistent gel, unlike other hyaluronic gel products which got granular uniformity. Let’s look at the benefits of Juvederm.


  • The Results are Immediate

The areas that are treated, the result are apparent. To achieve optimal volume enhancement or smoothing of wrinkles, you only need one treatment.

  • Treatment is Comfortable

Generally, the treatment experience is comfortable because this product contains lidocaine. Lidocaine is a pain reliever which makes you feel good during and after the treatment.

  • The results are natural looking and smooth results

Unlike other HA facial fillers made with granular gels, Juvederm contains a gel that is a smooth consistency. Juvederm is smooth and the results are natural and outstanding.

  • It’s a quick Procedure

This procedure can be done in as little as 15 mins but can take more time depending on the areas to be treated. Moreover, recovery time is minimal.

  • It’s reversible and biodegradable

The good thing about this product is that once injected and you are not satisfied with the results, you can go back to your usual look. Furthermore, HA fillers are biodegradable meaning after some time; the fillers will break down and disappear.

Side Effects of Juvederm

  1. Mass or Lump

The patient may fee mass or lump beneath the surface of the treated skin where the injection was administered. The treated area feels more firm than the rest. Above all, these effects may last up to 7-days after this procedure.

  1. Skin discoloration or Bruising

Following the treatment, the injected area can appear bruised or discolored. The affected spot may appear purple, red or blue in color. However, the skin heals when Juvederm subsides.

  1. Inflammatory Skin Reactions

Skin inflammation around the injected area may be experienced. Not everyone will experience this but quite a number. However, the inflammatory skin is temporary and usually disappears after a week.

  1. Pain or Tenderness

During and following treatment with Juvederm, some individuals can experience the sensation of pain. Sensations of pain are as a result of the needle when pierced through the skin. The treated spot will feel uncomfortable for few days. Furthermore, some people can experience a stinging sensation at the treated spot.

There are some who have had a Juvederm injection and the results went far way than they expected. Other has had the same injection and the results are stunning. The point is, the injection does not work miracles to all who go for it, however, and the good thing is that the injection is reversible. If you are new to this, ensure you have done enough research and the dermatologist you work with is qualified.